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Wanted: Fintech Feature Developers

Are you a developer with a brilliant idea for a fintech card program and an interest in getting your idea to market quickly and easily? Look no further.

The Features Marketplace allows you to access an entire suite of API’s to create innovative fintech oriented solutions, capabilities and features that all of our mCardholders can subscribe to. 

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Your feature gets instant distribution.

When you design a feature plugin for an mCard, you get immediate access to live cardholders who can add your plugin at the click of a button.

Your commissions can be generated immediately and you will have instant access to your feature portal where you can see every subscriber activation. 

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Show Me The Money!

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When you become a feature provider and publish your feature into the mCards network, we provide instant access to thousands of mCardholders who can instantly link your feature to their mCard. This network marketing effect allows you to gain quick feedback, generate instant revenue, and adapt your feature to the needs of customers faster than any other platform on the market. Below is a calculator that allows you to see the revenue and growth impact of our network on your feature or service. 

Feature Providor Calculator

APIs, SDKs, WIKIs & More

We strive to provide the ultimate suite of API’s, instructional videos and great documentation for our developer community. We want to provide the platform that every developer wants to work on for any money/fintech related innovation.


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