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APIs, SDKs, WIKIs & More

We strive to provide the ultimate suite of API’s, instructional videos and great documentation for our developer community. We want to provide the platform that every developer wants to work on for any money/fintech related innovation.

Below are a list of our current available API’s, SDK’s and resources. If you have suggestions on other things we can do to support you better, we are listening.

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mCards APIs

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Mobile API

If you are looking to design your own mobile application that can send cards, manage different accounts, tie into our Features Marketplace and more, this API gives you all the tools you need.

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Management API

To build an administration portal with Data, analytics and information stemming from the transactions and card interactions, the Management API gives you the tools you need.

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User Management API

To synchronize your users for seamless integration and single sign on authentication with our systems.

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Features Marketplace APIs

We provide access to specific features, built and available through our Features Marketplace API’s.


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Offers Marketplace

Powered by Entertainment Australia

This marketplace API suite gives you access to over 22K high valued discounts and offers for your members. Entertainment has assembled Australia’s largest network of participating merchants offering your members from 15% to 50% discounts at Australia’s top restaurants, retailers and travel.

Sign up to connect your application to this Offers Marketplace and instantly connect your cards with high value offers for your members.

To feature offers and rewards in a searchable way for your customers and to entice your customers to sign up for your card, we created the Public Webhooks API to showcase the valuable content your members will receive when then sign up.

Public Webhooks for Offers Marketplace

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Send mCards API

If you want to send mCards quickly and easily to your members there are many ways to do it.

You can go to our online “Send mCards” location where you can enter the customers details and follow the flows to distribute a card with your restrictions applied.

You can implement the Send mCards API and hook up the ability to automatically send mCards directly through your own apps or web interfaces.

You can create a mCards distribution widget that can be easily applied to your website with just a couple lines of JavaScript code.

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Enterprise APIs

Enterprise APIs allow organizations and enterprises to create their own custom mobile app and card programs, and integrate them directly into existing mobile wallets or applications.

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mRewards APIs

Create your own merchant offers coalition. Tie into all of the systems needed to manage locations, surface offers, bill merchants, manage reporting, and issue cards with your custom network linked and associated for closed loop or open loop transactions.

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Merchant Portal

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Admin Portal

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Issuer API

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Student & Youth Cards API

Powered by Pling

This suite of APIs allows you to create and distribute cards to students and youth under the age of 18 with various different types of controls and restrictions configured. This allows for you to create powerful “Parental Controlled or Administered” Cards that link parents to children in a safe, powerful and educational way.

This API allows your organization to administer, manage and organize your integrated card program.

Use this API to create powerful mobile applications that children and youth can use to access their card and details.

This API allows you to build compelling mobile application capabilities for the parents to control and manage their kids' cards.




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We have 3 types of widgets that can be added to any site with just a couple of lines of javascript code.

Each widget type has a specific type of user flow and delivers a distinct type of mCard to the customer using the widget to enrol.

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Free Widget

This is a widget that allows consumers to sign up and receive a free mCard from your site. The accountholders can then subscribe to various features and services for their card and connect the card to their various funding sources.

+ Add Widget
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Purchase Widget

This is a widget that allows for consumers to PURCHASE an mCard with funds automatically attached. We use this to sell “Discount-Gift” cards, or Pre-funded cards that consumers can purchase for themselves or others to make instant MasterCard purchases.

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Subscription Widget

This is a widget that allows consumers to pay for a subscription in order to receive an mCard. This might be a monthly or annual subscription that the user is purchasing via the widget and once purchased, an mCard will be delivered with the agreed upon feature suite.