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Build an mCard for your business needs. 

With the mCard platform, the possibilities are endless. You can create mCard programs with specific features, rules and capabilities that no other business in your industry can compete with. 

The mCard platform was designed to allow for rapid configuration and customization of card features and benefits. 

Contact our sales team to learn more about what the mCards platform can do for your business. 

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The mCard is the world's most advanced mobile wallet enabled card. 

The mCard App offers consumers a full suite of functions and features to make their experience unlike any other.

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The mCard Admin Portal provides Program Operators and Merchants complete control over their associated programs.

Portal Admins can easily create custom gifting and offers campaigns, as well as view detailed analytics of their programs, and so much more.


For Consumers


The mCard is the world's most advanced mobile wallet enabled digital card. This card is controlled and managed entirely by the cardholder and has features no other cards can provide. 

The mCard enables consumers to link all of their points, rewards, credit, debit, and membership cards to a single digital card that intelligently processes transactions to maximize your consumer benefits with a single tap.


For Program Operators

Create more powerful gifts

Paywith has developed the world's most advanced portal for creating, managing, controlling and distributing mobile wallet enabled gift cards. 

Program Operators

For Program Operators

Build your own network of approved locations

We are changing how organizations control and distribute payment and rewards cards to their members. 


Learn more about your members 

The payment and commerce equivalent of the "Social Graph". 

We use data science tools to graph the relationships between a person's transactions and purchases to help optimize the commerce experience for every unique individual. 

For Program Operators





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Program Management

As your program manager, Paywith AUS can provide an end to end solution that delivers the ultimate in security, data, analytics, issuing, processing, rewards and fraud controls.


We become your partner for every aspect of running and managing your card program. 

Product Ideation & Innovation

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From initial product ideation, right through to product launch, training and support, our team will work with your organization to create a payments program or solution that sets your business apart from the competition.

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Product Development & Integration

Our development team and mobile engineers are experts at creating secure, powerful and compliant mobile applications, mobile wallets, and data and analytics portals customized to your businesses needs. 



The Paywith Dynamic Processing Engine is the most powerful, flexible and configurable processing platform ever created for card transactions. A single authroization can be processed against multiple accounts simultaneously. 



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Points Bank

Real-time Payment Gateway

Merchant Coalition

Corporate Funds

Prepaid Funds

Dynamic Processor

Merchant Terminal


Traditional Processor



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