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Create Offers & Increase Sales

The mCard portal allows card creators to identify their own unique marketing coalition or affiliate network that is applicable to the cards they distribute. Those merchants selected by the card distributors can then create compelling offers and rewards that are designed to help drive their cardholders to the merchants locations with higher spend and frequency than ever before. 

Attract New Customers

These merchant-funded offers and rewards drive thousands of new customers through the doors of participating merchants while increasing value and benefits for your members. 

Increase Existing Customer Spend

Through our mobile app, our cardholders are communicated to throughout the year using push notifications, SMS and email.  This added marketing helps to increase customer visits as well as spend per visit.


Our online tools and reports allow you to quantify exactly how much additional spend your program is delivering.

Bring Back Customers

Re-engaging customers who have not transacted recently has never been easier.


Our promotional gifting solutions can be used to bring customers back or for service recovery.

Only Pay for Quantifiable Results

Your results are guaranteed. You only pay for the transactions and sales we have delivered to your business. Every sale is tracked and can be quantified. 


There are no hidden fees. Whichever package you pick, is the price you pay when a sale is delivered. 


Enhance Your Online & Mobile Profile

We showcase your business and merchant profile to thousands of potential new customers.


Your detailed merchant profile includes links to your phone number, address, directions, online reviews, images and other relevant content new customers need to learn about your business.

Collect Real-Time Feedback

After every transaction, your new customers can easily share their feedback and comments about their experience.

Respond directly to the customers that provide feedback through our manual or automated process.

Create a Promotional Offer

Merchant View

Create an offer to attract consumers to your business.  Choose how much you want to offer.

Consumer View

Our members find your business in our mobile app and redeem your offer with their Salary Package mCard.

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