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Frequently Asked Questions


About the Program

What is the Salary Packaging Program and what does it offer?


The Salary Packaging Program is an exclusive opportunity for your business to be promoted to over 125,000 consumers with over $750 million in guaranteed spend throughout Australia. Members of Salary Packaging programs direct a portion of their salary into a tax-exempt fund which they need to spend at businesses like yours.


We market local merchants directly to members of Salary Packaging programs, through mobile applications. Through our mobile application, members will be able to see a geo-located list of participating merchants and full business profile and the deals and offers you want to promote to them.



How does the program work?

The Salary Packaging Program will connect your business with a promotional offer directly to the members of five salary packing programs through a mobile app.


For no charge, you can advertise your business through our Salary Packaging apps to prospective customers who have money to spend – $750M in total each year. You can set up a profile describing your business with a map and images.


Using the app, members can see the most effective way to spend their funds at participating merchants. Our geo-locating technology will show them local merchants that are presenting offers to them, allowing them to view and claim offers seamlessly.


When a member makes a purchase at your business, you process the transaction at full value. We will reduce the customer's invoice by the amount of your offer, in our mobile app.  You will then be billed for the commission on the transaction 5% (minimum $1.00 per transaction), plus the value of your promotional offers redeemed by our members.  At the end of each month, we will send you a report showing the total value of the business generated through the program.



What are the fees for participation?

NO monthly fees, NO setup sees, NO fees to promote your business through the mobile apps and NO long-term contracts. We charge you a commission of 5% (minimum $1.00 per transaction), plus the value of your promotional offers redeemed by our members, only after a customer has spent money at your business.


How to Participate

How do I sign up?

Set up is simple, fill out the basic form here. Our team will call you within 24 hours to finalize your account and answer any questions you may have.


What do I need to participate in the program?

Your location needs to be able to accept Visa® payments, you won’t require any new hardware or software. Just sign up, accept the Terms and Conditions, and you’re ready to go.


What new hardware or POS is required?

​None. If you can process a credit card, there’s no new hardware, software or POS integration required.


Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can choose to activate or de-activate your participation at any time by emailing PayWith Support  or calling the PayWith Support Line. When your offer is de-activated, your business will not appear in the Salary Packaging apps. Members will still be able to transact with their card at your business but they will not receive a discount and you will not be billed for a commission.


Processing a Card

How much should I process the payment for?


You should always process payments for the full, undiscounted amount of the transaction. We apply the discount offers against the customer’s Salary Packaging account which they have linked to their mobile app so you don’t need to train staff to apply a discount at the till.

How do I process payment using a plastic card?

When a customer wants to pay with their Salary Packaging membership card, you should process the card just like a normal Visa® card. The transaction will appear on your regular Visa® settlement.

How much is the processing fee?

Payments are treated as “Non-Premium” Visa® cards and will process at the rate you have set up with your processor.


What do I do if a card declines?

Ask the customer to ensure that their mobile app has sufficient Salary Packaging funds to cover the amount you are trying to process. If you have recently changed card terminals, payment processor or bank, email PayWith Support or call the PayWith Support Line.

When do I receive the funds from a customer transaction?

You will settle these transactions along with all your other Visa® receipts at the end of each day, and you will receive the funds into your bank account with your regular credit card clearance, usually within 2 days.



When will I be billed for commissions?

Periodically, by email, we will advise you of commission payments which are due and will draw payment approximately two working days later.


In the first week of each month we will send you a summary report showing the Salary Packaging revenue we drove to your business as well as a summary invoice for the commissions payable against member transactions at your business during the previous month.

How do I pay for commissions?

You can pay for commissions by Direct Debit or Credit Card. We will establish your preferred method of payment when we set you up on the program.




If merchants have questions about the Salary Packaging Program, please call +61 (0) 424-402-052.

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