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Introducing the all new Entertainment Rewards 
mobile card 

The most valuable gift credit mobile card in Australia. 

These cards are mobile wallet enabled gift cards that carry with them the ability to access over 20,000 location based discounts and rewards from the world famous “Entertainment Book”

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How it Works

The Most Valuable Gift Card on the Market

Your customers receive access to the most valuable gift card on the Market today, and your business receives commission on each card purchase.

Choose which card program is right for your organization.

Earn 20



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Standard Entertainment Gift

With the Standard Entertainment Gift referral program, your organization receives 20% of all proceeds stemming from gift card sales.

Earn 30




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CoBrand Entertainment Gift

When you brand your own Entertainment Gift Card, you receive an ongoing share 30% of the revenue stemming from gift card sales, plus all future reloads from your customers.

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Make Money While Providing Value & Benefits to Your Members

Designed to be the world’s easiest fundraising mechanism.

mCards provides your organization with a simple “Gift Cards Purchase Widget” that simply sits on your site (s) and sells your gift card for you.

When customers purchase your cards, mCards handles all of the transaction purchasing, card delivery, payouts and reconcilations on your organizations behalf.

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Sign Up

Sign up your oganization to be an Entertainment Gift Card distributor.

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Add Widget

Add Gift Card widget to your website or add link to your mCards sales page.

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Get Paid

We will deposit money into your account each month with a detailed summary of all purchases.

Sign Up Now

Step 1

Sign Up

Sign up your organization to be an Entertainment Gift Card distributor.

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Step 2

Add Widget

Simply add this Gift and Rewards widget to your website with only 2 lines of java-script code.

Once implemented, your customers can purchase your gift cards 24 x 7 x 365 per year, and you will begin receiving ongoing revenue deposits into your account.


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Step 3

Get Paid

Collect your commissions from your customers purchasing Entertainment powered gift and rewards cards.

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