A Payment Innovations Platform

PayWith's payment innovations platform allows any business to create powerful, mobile-centric payment programs, faster, cheaper, and with more security and control.

Core Platform Features

The world's most advanced payment processing platform. 

Dynamic processing allows for multiple simultaneous transactions to occur against a single transaction authorization.

Dynamic Processing Engine

The payment and commerce equivalent of the "Social Graph". 

We use data science tools to graph the relationships between a person's transactions and purchases to help optimize the commerce experience for every unique individual. 


We allow consumers the ability to link their favourite points or rewards programs and exchange their points into real merchant credit that can be used to pay for things at any merchant the consumer wants. 

Points Exchange

Cutting edge event tracking and communications tools.

Event Tracking & Communications

Merchant offer and rewards network that delivers quantifiable results in the form of new customers, customers spending more money, and customers visiting more frequently. 

Rewards / Points / Offers

The ultimate tools for controlling, and managing financial transactions. 

Parental Controls 

Employer Controls 

Transaction Controls 

Budgeting Controls 


Payment Controls

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